About Lakes Area Imagination Library

In 2011, a group of Detroit Lakes moms decided to take on a social project that would benefit the community as a whole, and settled on bringing Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to the Detroit Lakes area and in 2014 expanded to cover all of Becker County. For those of you who haven’t heard of the Imagination Library, it’s an amazing program, founded by Dolly Parton (we all know who Dolly is), that’s committed to putting books in the hands of pre-school age children.

When you sign your child up, your child will receive a book a month, at no cost to you, mailed directly to your home. Your children are eligible to be enrolled from birth until their fifth birthday. Even if they’re already four, sign them up anyway! The books range from classics to new favorites, from hardcover board books to soft cover for the older kids, with age-appropriate themes. They are published by Penguin books and distributed by the Imagination Library. All that our local volunteer group has to do is sign kids up and raise part of the cost of the books and shipping.

We have expanded our program to all children, birth to age five, in Becker County thanks to the support and sponsors in our county. Our goal is to have all eligible children in Becker County, Minnesota enroll.